Natalie & Rhiannon

Shanny, and I would like to introduce our friends, a very special couple:

Natalie and Rhiannon. They married on the 1st of December 2016, at a beautiful venue called the Stones of Yarra in the Yarra Valley. We were given the honour of capturing this incredibly special day. Just like any other wedding they had a ceremony in which they declared their love and commitment to each other in front of their loved ones. But with one very important factor missing – their marriage isn’t recognised by the Australian Government as a legal marriage. WTF!!!! Some people may think that having a ceremony is enough for same-sex couples. That as long as WTF!!!! Some people may think that having a ceremony is enough for same-sex couples. That as long as same-sex couples considered themselves married then why should the government’s opinion matter? Although this is a well-meaning sentiment this is not what true equality is. Why should people like Natalie and Rhiannon be deprived of basic human rights just because of something as arbitrary as loving a person who happens to be the same sex as them? Same-sex couples are deprived of the right to multiple relationship entitlements. Why? Because they are denied the right to a marriage certificate – a certificate that would help them change their last name to their partners, a certificate that would help them get approval on a home loan, a certificate that helps quickly prove the nature of their relationship in an emergency situation. Why is this equality denied to Australians when 25 other countries have marriage equality? Australia claims to be a forward-thinking country but countries such as Canada have had marriage equality for almost 12 years now. Even the USA, a country who is known to be divided on their political and social issues, has legalised same-sex marriage. Get it together Australia. As of 2016, 72% of Australians support same-sex marriage. The majority of the other 28% must be the prejudiced people sitting in parliament thinking they have the right to block marriage equality. Thinking they have the right to mess up the love lives of thousands of people just because they think it’s wrong. This is classic oppression in a country that preaches equality. Two consenting adults should have the freedom to love and be loved without legal repercussions. Natalie and Rhiannon are just two humans who fell in love, two gals that should have their love and commitment recognised by the Australian Government. Here at Jessie Dains we support LGBT marriage. Love is a big deal, and love never changes no Love is a big deal, and love never changes nom atter what race, colour, or religion you are. For a lot of people getting married is a symbol of forever, and no one should be able to take that away from them.

Loren + Brendan

We feel really honoured to have such great feedback from Loren and Brendan.

“Hello you genius’s!!! 

You had me in tears after the first dozen pictures and then the emotions kept coming from there. I wish we could fly back to Brisbane to give you guys the biggest hugs and the biggest high 5’s. You two are legends! As we were looking through them I kept thinking to myself……when our kids and grandchildren look at these pictures they will think to themselves….wow Mum and Dad/Grandma and Grandpa really do love each other soooo much!
You two have been such a blessing in the planning process and you have captured a day that will resonate deeply in our hearts for the rest of our lives!
Loren And Brendan x

Gemma & Tom

Oh what a wedding it was when the gorgeous Gemma married Tom – Firstly hitting ‘The Moustachery ‘ In the New Farm and then off to hang out with the girls at the house with the view.

 These two lovebirds flew all the way over from London to get married in their hometown of Brisbane at Saint Mary’s Kangaroo Point.

An absolutely beautiful reception followed, under magical trees and fairy lights at GOMA.


Flowers: Kate Dawes Flowers

Hair: Aleece Roberts

Makeup: Ginelle Dale

Planner: The Bride (Gemma)

Videography: Phoebe Galloway

Stylist:The Bride (Gemma), Hampton Hire, Autumn Grove

Lighting: Avideas

Catering: Goma

Venue: Goma

Cake: TOME (yum)

Music: DJ Cosi

A Darling Affair

On the 30th of December this year we were invited to ‘A Darling Affair’ at the Brisbane racing club. It was such a cool event and we were super lucky to be side by side with some of the best vendors in Australia – Not to mention all the Brides and Grooms we got to meet and greet. Cannot wait for the next one!!!!


After hitting our favourite coffee spot in Byron Bay, we started our morning with the boys at the beach. Weather was perfection and everyone was pumped. Sounds like the perfect way to start your wedding day right! In the sea, with your best mates. Then we drove out to Figtree to meet the girls. Both of us could not get over the view. You could literally see the ocean in the distance from the house and then the ceremony location as well. We knew this day was going to be amazing. Carols Mum made all of the Brazilian desserts from scratch – there were literally hundereds of them. Not to mention the Croquembouche. The Ceremony was beautiful. I (Shannon) teared as per usual, when the bride walked down the aisle. Then while the guests shmoozed around the pool with espresso Martinis and beers, we took off for the bridal shoot – which included a lot of Dancing, Laughing and Champagne – Just the way we like it. The sunset didn’t let us down either. Thank you Byron Bay for being so Rad! And thanks Carolina and Xavier for including us in your day of Lurve.


Some beautiful characters from my a recent shoot in Bali. Now that I look back at the photos, the 10 hours of driving, getting lost more times than I can count, harassed by the police, sunburn, dehydration, dead ends, were all worth it. Who knows if this didn’t happen then we would not of had the privilege of meeting these four women! big thanks to @MadeSutamaBotax for his local guidance, and knowledge.